The Value of Unique & original content for your website

One of the most important investments you can make for your site is that of Original Content. For your site to stay relevant as far as Google is concerned, you should be updating that content on a regular basis. There are over 1.3 Billion web pages on the internet as of January 2017. Talk about information overload! So how does Google decide which content is relevant to what you’re searching for? The rank and value of the site are determining factors, as is the quality and value of unique and original content.


The Importance of Original Content

Most site owners don’t realize the value of producing and posting original content on their sites on a regular basis. There are of course many factors that affect the value of your site where Google other search engines are concerned. One of the most important and valuable factors that gets overlooked is content. The most important task on your to do list should be to create original content for your site. People aren’t sure where to begin, what to talk about or how often they should be posting. As important as these considerations are, don’t let them trip you up or worse stop you from blogging or adding original content to your site.

The best foundation lies with establishing a brand voice for yourself. Once you have that developed, the next logical step is to do research to identify what your customers are most interested in learning about from you. To do that, start by doing keyword research, identify keywords or phrases that you would your site to come up for. Review your competition and conduct a competitive analysis of what kinds of topics they are discussing as well. As far as the frequency of posts go – you can post once every day if you have the time and bandwidth, however at least once a week is the recommended minimum.


Make it Fresh, make it Unique

It has become a common practice for businesses to re-purpose old content that already exists on their site with a few edits. Unfortunately, this practice has eroded the quality of content being produced. Don’t fall victim to this practice because you don’t have the money, or you don’t think you have the time to produce valuable content for your website. It’s one thing to address a topic or subject in text, video and audio for example. It’s a completely different and not a good practice however to keep editing the same piece and duplicating it across your site. The content you’re producing should be original, but also provide value to your customers.

Digital Marketing Agency Discrepancy

Even those of us in the digital space are tripped up by this practice. Agencies who are telling customers they need to post regularly barely do so themselves. Occasionally i will search for companies that work in the digital marketing space in my area and notice their last posts and updates were months, sometimes years ago. Be careful when approached by an agency that doesn’t itself do what they recommend you do for your site. Take the time to do some research on them before making your decision.

The Alpha Taveris Digital Difference


At Alpha Taveris Digital we believe in practicing what we teach and preach. That’s why we start every morning looking at what is happening in the world of digital marketing and how it will impact our clients and their business. Then we go about sharing the most pertinent findings across our social networks, giving you another reason to following us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin. On Tuesday and Thursday of each week we will post our thoughts on important topics in our News sections as well, providing perspective on what’s happening across the digital marketing landscape.