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In 2014, Google announced a call for every website to use HTTPS on the web. HTTPS is an acronym that stands for Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure. This protocol ensures secure communication over the internet by encrypting the data communication between your computer and the host server online you are requesting a website’s data information from each time you access a website that utilizes this protocol. Google made this announcement as a step to help to make the entire internet more secure, and thus, safer.

If every website online did use this protocol the internet would be safer. When data is encrypted with this protocol it is safe from tampering and being examined. This helps to make certain that the data you are receiving from the host server when your computer requests to access a website that uses this protocol is the actual data that the website creator intended you to receive.

In order for your website’s web address or URL to start with ‘https’ as opposed to ‘http,’ you will need to purchase a SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, certificate that contains an encryption key. Generally speaking, this SSL certificate will be placed on the host server where your website’s files reside. Once everything is setup properly, your website’s transmissions will all be encrypted and therefore, secure.

It is becoming ever so important to secure your website. We at Alpha Taveris Digital know this very well and that’s why our own website is and has been secure for some time now. You must realize that Google is now with the latest release of their Chrome web browsers taking further steps to notify its users as to whether or not the website they are visiting is secure or not. They are displaying the words ‘Not secure’ next to any web address that is a HTTP type URL for any pages containing password or credit card information fields.

This is just the start of Google’s future plans to mark all HTTP website pages as not secure. Furthermore, over 55% of the web browsers used to browse the web today are currently some version of Google Chrome. However, whether the person viewing your website is using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any other web browser is ultimately of little consequence. Regardless, you are only helping to bolster confidence in your website’s online presence by taking the critical step to secure your website. The need to take this step is only becoming more urgent with time.


A savvy internet user is going to take notice of whether or not the website they are viewing is secure or not each and every time they visit a new site. If the site is secure then they will take notice and be less reluctant to type in valuable credit card information or decide to join the site and create a password. Alternatively, if they notice that the site is not secure, then they are going to be more hesitant. Even if they do trust your organization, they will likely wonder if it truly is your organization’s website or if any of the information they enter could possibly be intercepted in the data transmission process.

All major web browsers today provide some sort of visual clue to show to their users that a website is secure. Usually, this is near the website address and indicated by a green padlock symbol. With companies like Google taking forward steps to help even non-savvy internet users take notice of when a site is not secure, how can you really afford not to secure your website today?

At Alpha Taveris Digital we are no strangers to the process of website security and all the steps that must be undertaken to achieve this important status for your site. The process can prove to be quite complicated. There happen to be more than just one type of Secure Socket Layer certificate available for purchase to protect your site. In fact, not only is that true but there are many different vendors available that sell them. We know exactly which one will be the best fit for your site and how to go about installing it so that your website can start enjoying the many benefits today of being considered a secure website.

Do keep in mind that there is more to having a protected and secure site than even the tasks of procuring the correct digital certificate and installing it that many website owners already find daunting. Your website is going to need to be reconfigured so that all incoming requests will point to the correct address that your now secure site will be using. Even though you will still have the same domain, the ports used for your now encrypted data communication transfers are different than they were. Traffic to your website can and will drop during this transition as Google spiders crawl to re-index your website.

Work with an experienced Digital Marketing Agency to enable HTTPS & Secure your site

The process isn’t all over with those steps undertaken either. You still need to update your website’s sitemap with the new information and all external links, such as links from advertising campaigns or any other digital marketing tools you may have employed, all of these need to be updated as well.

Make Alpha Taveris Digital your digital marketing agency of choice to help make the transition of your website from not secure using HTTP to secure with HTTPS today as seamless as possible. We are experts in security both personal and for your website!

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