Jersey City & NYC SEO Services

Why Should SEO Matter to You?

Search engine optimization is crucial to ensuring that your brand receives the exposure it needs to stand out from the competition. As more people find you in search results, not only will it lead to increased traffic to your website – there’s also the increase in engagement and sales to remember. You’ll see a steady increase in social engagement and client retention with the search optimization strategies the digital marketing experts at Alpha Taveris Digital.

Search Engine Optimization is a MUST for any comprehensive digital strategy to compete and deliver wins for you and out-rank your competition.


Mobile Search Optimization

Why do you need Mobile search optimization? In 2016 mobile traffic surpassed desktop, making it vital for you to have a mobile strategy. There are close to a dozen major factors that need to be address for mobile optimization. Get in front of customers where it counts – with mobile search optimization.


Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization is a must in 2017 when 4 out of 5 local searches end in a purchase at a local business. Build relationships and create trust with increased user engagement and business reviews. Want customers to find you when they Search? Get in front of them with local search optimization.


App Search Optimization

What are the benefits of App search optimization? When you want your current or new app to get in front of searchers- we build a strategy that puts you in front of users to increase app installs and engagement. Using a multi-pronged approach, we put you where it counts – in front of searchers.

Let’s face it, search engine optimization has changed drastically in the last few years. Digitalers say that search has changed for the better, while most small business owners say things have only gotten worse, with changes seemingly happening at an alarming rate. While you are still recovering from Google differentiating its search algorithm on desktop and mobile, have you asked yourself:

Am I ready for search marketing strategies that keep up with the latest trends in how customers are searching for my business? Who is coming up first in search results? Me or my competition? Are they searching on desktop or mobile? And in the future will you be ready for voice search, vehicle search and smartwatch algorithms?

It’s most likely that many business owners would say no, they are not.

I am happy to say that Alpha Taveris Digital can help you implement a strategic plan to get customers to your door today and stay on top of the ever changing nature of search technology and be ahead of the competition.

Search engines and its users know one important fact about websites: not ALL websites are the same.

There are countless sites and pages that target all of the same searches, whether or not they are meant to come up for that search. They are targeted in media, pictures, text, video and the content that is not visible or important to users but increasingly important to the algorithms driving search results.

What about your website? Does it have the kind of content that is both relevant and important to customers looking for your business, products or services? Search engine optimization is here to help.

With that said, search engine optimization is not a magical fix that will fix everything. SEO is a comprehensive and strategic approach to increase the relevance and rank of your website, making it stand out from among your competitors.

Our team members will help ensure that your website is optimized and starts that important path to the top, bringing visitors, leads, conversion and most importantly sales to your website.


A list of the Search & other Services we provide for our clients

Technical SEO

The structural framework of a site is just as important as the content you put on it. Technical SEO involves reviewing these technical site elements and analyzing their impact on search performance.

Mobile SEO

Mobile is now the leading source of searches, making up over 2/3 of all search traffic. Make sure that you’re able to connect with users on the devices they use most frequently.

Local SEO

Local SEO is now more important than ever – every day more searches end with “near me”. Users are looking for businesses that meet their search needs and are close enough for them to visit.

  • Business Analysis, Keyword and Market Share Research
  • Benchmarking and historical analysis – Assessing your sites history and where it could be.
  • Identifying winning keyword focused strategies geo-targeted (New York City, London, Singapore, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization of all pages (implementation of SEO to increase keyword rankings for targeted keywords
  • Keyword to page mapping
  • Mobile search optimization and recommendation implementation
  • Content Marketing Strategy (Content outlets, geo-targeted content, language targeted content, etc.)
  • Content Creation
  • Online Reputation Management
Content Creation

Content is increasingly the main differentiator between a great site search result and one that doesn’t perform. Having unique content that searchers find valuable is extremely important.

Social Engagement

Increase your engagement with current and prospective customers to provide more value to clients. Stay connected to build and foster long term relationships. We help you identify the best platforms to connect with your clients.


Data is a vital to the success of any business. Our team has access to multiple data feeds that provide a comprehensive picture of searchers interactions with you and your site.

  • Local Search Strategies and Implementations
  • Inter-Linking Strategy (Blogs, category, services, etc.)
  • Penguin & Penguin Analysis & Corrections
  • Social Media marketing (Social Signals to Rank)
  • Link Building (following Best Practices)
  • Site Migration Strategies and implementation
  • Geo-targeted markup to eliminate global duplicate content
  • Benchmarking and monitoring KPIs (traffic, leads, keyword marketshare, etc.)
  • Experience with platforms and analytics:
  • WordPress, Magento, Sharepoint, Drupal and Joomla
  • Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Adobe Omniture
  • Web Analytics Research