Paid Search Marketing Services

There are many ways to do this, but the most commonly used as well as the most effective is through the use of paid search services, in other words Ads that come up in search results. There are many different services available, so finding the best paid search plan for your particular situation is of the utmost importance – luckily Alpha Taveris Digital has your back.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, increase conversions or re-connect with visitors to your site – we have solutions that will address your needs.

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Paid Search Marketing

What exactly is Paid Search Marketing?People are constantly searching to fulfill immediate needs. With Paid Search Marketing, we can leverage Ads to place your business in front of customers as they search across Google, Bing and other search engines around the world.

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Display Marketing

What is the advantage of Display Marketing? Native ads are viewed 50% more than banner ads and with rich media boost conversation by up-to 60%. Display Marketing presents site owners with the opportunity to provide a visual Ad displayed across thousands of websites across the internet.



Who would want to use Re-targeting? Any site owner or digital marketer who wants to re-engage site visitors and build a more meaningful relationship. By leveraging data about your traffic our team will create a targeted approach to re-engaging with users across multiple channels.


These search services work by making your content much more easily found online. This is usually done through the use of inserting keywords into your content that are most important and relevant to your business and commonly used in search engines. The result is that your content will be many miles ahead of its original position for most popular search engine companies such as Google and Bing.

Many of these marketing companies work side by side with many additional websites, search engines and content dissemination platforms to place ads for your content where they are most likely to be viewed. Having a specifically targeted audience for your advertisements is both important for your business, making it easier for your customers to find you and necessary for the success of your marketing strategy. This can greatly increase the return of investment (ROI) for your company, sometimes in just a few weeks. Nearly every company that chooses to use this form of marketing experience rapid increases in their sales and total website views at an accelerated pace trumping the competition.

Not only is this an incredibly effective way to advertise, but it is often done at an affordable rate. While some companies offer extremely cumbersome and convoluted plans that can be pricey, at Alpha Taveris Digital we work towards developing a plan that is both within your budget and the scope of your specific project. Since each of these companies offers a different service at a different price, we do the research and identify the best match for your specific advertising goal and strategy. Overall, paid search services offer reliable advertising at a reasonable price that usually results in a significant return on your investment.

Get started with AdSpend for your Paid Search needs – only available at Alpha Taveris Digital.

We’ve spent years developing and perfecting our AdSpend Platform, where we combine the best of data intensive methodology and years of experience working on Paid Search campaigns to identify the optimal time, place and method to invest your funds in order to maximize the impact on your paid search results.

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