Partnership Programs

The Digital Marketing landscape is constantly changing, making it very difficult to stay ahead of all these changes if you’re not working with digital marketing every day or if you work in the industry. Just in 2016 Google made 1600 changes to their search algorithms and systems, keeping all of us on our toes.

Keeping this in mind, the Alpha Taveris Digital team decided to develop our Partnership Programs to enable businesses of all sizes to effectively address the constantly changing digital marketing landscape and the effect it has on their digital presence.

We offer multiple levels of engagement for our Partners, ranging from a dedicated Marketing team to a referral program to connect individuals looking for digital marketing services.

Our Services

Why take on the stress yourself when Alpha Taveris Digital addresses all of these and other challenges on your behalf!

Client Management

Client relationship and engagement are housed within Originating partner organization or co-managed by members of both organizations.


Centralized billing carried out by the partner bringing in the client (who then passes on agreed contract rate x #hrs or project amount) through to the Partner producing the work.


Reporting is either centralized with the referring partner or housed within Alpha Taveris Digital based on the business relationship.

Marketing as a Service

The challenges of building a marketing team are many, including the hiring process, HR policies and guidelines, benefits, office space, training and onboarding, certification and continuing education on the job.

We provide a centrally billed digital marketing department for your organization and a dynamically scalable marketing services group. We also provide dedicated or co-operative marketing resources that will ensure that your marketing needs are addressed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Whether you’re looking to build or grow your own marketing organization or are looking to provide your clients with Turnkey marketing services – we can provide the resources you need.

We value the relationships you have built with your clients and the time invested in making these engagements a reality. To preserve these relationships and to streamline communication and workflow, Alpha Taveris Digital (ATD) are engaged as providers of marketing services on your behalf. We work through a centralized communication system which ensures quick responses to your most important needs. To further streamline access and support for you, the marketing team(s) are housed at our offices in Brooklyn, NY.

Preferred Solutions Partner

We work hand in hand to build and manage engagements and relationships. By providing a co-service relationship with communication going through your organization’s resources (email, phone, etc.) so as to be directly and regularly engaged with your clients. Think of us an extension of your business, when clients think of the marketing department, your organization is front of mind.

Both of our organization’s sales and marketing efforts are aligned with the overall objectives and strategies for both organizations are also aligned to easily deliver success on behalf of the client.

Marketing departments or staff are hired, managed and provided by Alpha Taveris Digital and housed at the partner site to provide a set of turnkey marketing solutions as agreed between Partner and Alpha Taveris Digital.

In essence Alpha Taveris Digital becomes an embedded extension of your organization focused on delivering business growth by providing turnkey marketing services. This allows you to focus on the core services that your business offers.

Business Referral Program

This Program is designed for Partners who are looking to engage at a high level and grow as we continue to define and outline the details of our long-term Partnership.

Partners refer qualified leads to Alpha Taveris Digital and are compensated a referral fee for each qualified lead.

For more details on any of our Partnership Programs contact