The Importance of an SEO Tune Up

There is so much that goes into optimizing your website these days, and as search engines make changes to their algorithms they create a growing list of elements to check for and consider.

More importantly how does a Technical Tune Up from Alpha Taveris Digital help your site and business?

Some of things we will look at will be the technical structure of your site. Next we review the different components from headers, to meta tags, images and other graphics and link structure. W

We will provide you with a list of everything we will be reviewing and once we complete our audit, we give you a comprehensive report with our findings.

What do we review in our SEO Tune Up?

  • Title Tags – Do your Title tags include relevant keywords and have you optimized them to be easily found in search?
  • Meta descriptions – Does the description of your page properly describe whats on your page and the value it has for users?
  • Headers – Are you optimizing your h1 headers by including relevant keywords and creating a hook?
  • Headers – Are your h2 tags including more keywords and optimized to target for long tail keywords?
  • Content – Is the content on your site using keywords while providing answers for user inquiries?
  • Content – Are you properly using images, info-graphics and videos and are they optimized to come up quickly?
  • Design – Are you using a responsive design – mobile accounts for more than half of search traffic and over 70% of site views as of early 2017.
  • Internal Links – Are you linking to other pages on your site that have meaningful content for users?
  • Keywords – Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are a great way to include related keywords in your posts and increase the value of your page.
  • Image Optimization – Are you getting the most out of your images by optimizing the size, name and placement?
  • Site Speed – Google has stated that page speed is a ranking signal – Is your site optimized enough to load quickly and capture user attention?
  • Social sharing – Are you leveraging social sharing to increase engagement and visibility of your posts?

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The Value of Search Engine Optimization for your Business

There is so much that goes into optimizing your website these days, and as search engines make changes to their algorithms they create a growing list of things to check for.

Quite often we come across a website that is lacking in certain aspects of optimization and have a conversation with the site owner. And a large percentage of site owners don’t realize that their site is not actually helping their digital presence as much as it could. As business owners, we often have a lot on our minds and quite frequently are juggling a dozen or so different things. As business owners ourselves, we understand this and work to empower you by focusing on building your digital presence to drive your business growth.

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The image below provides a view of the different elements involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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