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We are surrounded by a constantly changing world, every minute of every day we are inundated by updates from an overwhelming number of sources. Change in digital marketing is non-stop and takes place on a daily basis. Due to the nature of our work we and our clients are constantly impacted by these changes. We’ve built our News section to keep our clients educated about the impact these updates have to their site performance and in turn their business.

Our News section will be focused on providing you with authoritative updates from our analyses of the changing digital landscape. Our Head of Search, Will brings together over a decade of digital marketing expertise having worked on campaigns around the world.

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Managed Digital Marketing

Growing and scaling your business will require an increasing amount of time and focus to keep the details in check. You have a lot on your plate – marketing shouldn’t be consuming all of your time. As digital becomes an increasingly larger part of your overall marketing budget, it’s more important than ever that you have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our team of seasoned digital marketers are experienced with projects of all sizes and have worked across industries throughout their careers.

Digital Marketing Management as a Service

With our Managed Digital Marketing services we alleviate all the challenges associated with dynamically scaling your digital marketing team. Want to increase staff size for your office, open a new office or ramp up a specific project? We  provide options that aren’t available with an all in-house team. We focus on your business marketing – letting you focus on growing your business.


5 ways to connect with mobile shoppers

Mobile shopping is the fastest growing customer journey metric. As more people become comfortable with buying things online, coupled with the mobile first mind set of modern users we are provided with a limitless number of opportunities. For personalizing the shopper journey, building better relationships with users along the way and it will also open the door into faster, more reliable feedback from users.

Mobile first is the core to success

Keeping that in mind, we’re built on the idea that mobile is not just the first step with todays users, it’s fundamentally core to the search process. With over 60% of traffic coming from mobile it’s important that you focus on the shopper journey on mobile, provide a compelling and easy to use experience. 


Regularly Update your site with Original Content

As a business owner you  have a lot on your plate, and understandably so. Nonetheless, one of the most important responsibilities you have as a website owner is to communicate with visitors to your site. Establish an ongoing relationship with your visitors by making it easy for them to find answers to their questions. The task of producing fresh content on a regular basis can seem like a daunting one. Even seasoned writers sometimes struggle to create new content, let alone on a frequent basis. Regular updates are important, but the content you produce for your site also has to provide value to your visitors. Answer your customers questions, give them insights into your business and industry.   

The Value of Original Content

However, it’s exactly that kind of dedication that you need to commit to if you’re taking on the responsibility of producing your own content. Remember that Google and other search engines update their index on a regular basis, as such your site should have new updates for them to add to their catalog. Because the task can become overwhelming for most site owners, it’s important to consider a reputable Digital Marketing Agency that can provide content marketing services. Through our ContentMatrix we provide our clients with Content Marketing Services and connect them with experienced professional writers tasked with producing unique, quality content solely for your site.


Facebook’s Video Ad strategy now pays publishers

Several years ago Facebook introduced it’s Atlas platform to serve ad placements across its ever growing empire. As the Facebook empire has evolved in its capabilities and more users have joined, savvy brands and business owners have leveraged it to get in front of customers. In the summer of 2014 Facebook started to aggressively shift towards a video dominant platform.

Facebook mid-roll Video Ads

In January of 2017, with a new year Facebook announced a major dive into displaying mid-roll ads in non-live videos. They’ve opened the gates to an even more intense rush into video from publishers with a revenue sharing model, giving publishers 55% of generated revenue.


The 500 Million user question

Social networks are more than just a way to wile away the day while staring at your computer or mobile device. As they have grown, the business minds behind them have found ways to monetize them for themselves and for business owners using them to expand their customer reach. Instagram introduced a number of features over the last year and one of the most recent additions at the start of 2017 added ways to show mid-rolls ads in videos. This provides another opportunity for brands to increase their reach and monetize on their advertising.


It’s time to make securing your website a Priority!

Imagine a world with no thieves, no snoops, and nobody hatching plans to do harm to another. Seems nice, right? Well, it certainly would be nice but it just so happens that this is not the case. So it’s fitting then that in these modern times of information technology that the world wide web happens to be no exception. All the crud of the world has proliferated online now and instead of needing to lock your doors and safeguard your key, now we need to do something very similar to our websites.

It’s important that you offer your visitors a secure experience.

You wouldn’t give your personal information to a website that wasn’t secured. Customers feel more confident visiting your site when they know their information will not be at risk. It’s 2017 – not having a secure site is potentially costing you customers and more importantly it’s no longer a savvy business decision.


Mobile Search and Local Search are a Must

Your website MUST be optimized for mobile and desktop search. It’s important that content be tailored to your location with important keywords and created with your intended location in mind. Don’t take a 1 and done approach to local search – keep working on it to build a local audience.

Mobile Search and Local Search

Don’t discount any aspect of search engine optimization, especially mobile and local search. The more mobile devices there are online, the more data search engines have to localize the search experience. There are many steps to optimizing for local search, starting with identifying important keywords and locales you want to focus on.

As Google becomes more focused with its mobile search and local search strategy, it’s becoming increasingly more important that you develop and implement a comprehensive mobile search and local search strategy as well.

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