How do you get Facebook to pay you?

The idea that Facebook would pay a business to use their platform seems outright ridiculous. However I assure you there is definitely a way to get Facebook to pay you. It may sound strange but it’s not as absurd as it seems, nor as complicated. Better yet, we’re here to show you how it can seamlessly integrate into your overall digital strategy.

Facebook has been the leading social media platform for over a decade now. It’s evolved from a site for college students to put up pictures to the platform of choice for businesses to build a following and engage with users. The evolution continued when they launched their monetization platform selling ads for both desktop and mobile better known as Atlas.


The rise of Facebook

With Facebook on target to hit 2 Billion monthly users in early 2017, it’s time to look at how their business model has evolved as the company has grown to be a dominant force on the web. They are build a 1 stop shop for everything a business would need, from informing customers to customer engagement, Ad placement and monetization, a shopping/payment platform to job postings and most recently a way to bring the Facebook experience in house through their WorkPlace platform. With all of that happening, what changed now?

Facebook Live – The Empire of Video

With the launch of Facebook Live there was also a lunch of mid-roll ads, or ads that play during a video instead of at the beginning or pre-roll ads like YouTube or Hulu might show. Since the summer of 2015 there have been rumors that Facebook would allow Ads in non-live videos. Video has an increasingly prominent part of Facebook’s growth strategy segments of their business. It’s almost 18 months later and the rumor mills finally have something to show for themselves.


The next step in Facebook’s video strategy

In January 2017 Facebook announced that they would start allowing mid-roll ads to be placed in videos. Essentially this means that videos that are least 90 seconds long can have an Ad placement starting at the 20 second mark. With this news of the availability of another avenue that publishers can use to put get in front of users, the door to get in front of the 2 Billion Facebook users has opened even further. Of course publishers will also have the option to show their ads to a specific demographic or target audience if they so choose. So how do you get paid with all of this happening?

The time to act is NOW!

Facebook is willing to put their money where their proverbial mouth is, announcing that they are going to give publishers 55 percent of ad revenue. Their biggest competitor as they move into the video space, YouTube, offers the same revenue split to publishers that Facebook is looking to offer. YouTube estimates that users spend about 40 minutes watching videos once they’re on the site, Facebook estimates that users in the US spend the same amount of time engaged on the site as well.


A digital first approach to marketing

Why would publishers use Facebook over YouTube for video ads one might ask? While YouTube is primarily video content, Facebook’s ability to display mixed content has the potential to give it the much needed advantage. With social being the founding basis of Facebook, the capacity for engagement in video ads through likes, shares and promotion is considerably greater than anyone can imagine. As traditional ads are reduced, spurred along by strong growth on mobile, social, audio and video, digital ad spend will continue to increase. Over the next 5 years marketers and brands are expected to focus increasingly on mobile as traffic and revenue coming from mobile search increases substantially.

It’s time to review your digital strategy

If your Ad strategy hasn’t evolved with the market, now is the time to make the switch. Mobile search and especially video advertising are quickly becoming the dominant platforms to expand your reach and connect with users. Get started with a mobile and video focused advertising as part of your overall digital strategy. Not sure how to get started? Alpha Taveris Digital will provide you with an analysis of your current digital strategy and the steps you need take to successfully integrate local search, mobile search and video advertising into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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