What are the Benefits of a FREE SEO Audit?

  • Specific recommendations to improve organic ranking and increase site traffic leading to business growth.
  • Review: Keyword Focus, Content Quality and Technical Site Issues
  • Drive more conversions from both organic and paid search and increase associated revenue.
  • Increase the number and quality of leads coming to your business.
  • Full account review with our expert consultants of your complete digital strategy.

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Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars is a big decision, as business owners ourselves we understand the need for wise business decisions. We understand the impact that this decision can have on incoming lead flow or direct revenue for your site. That’s why we offer a custom analysis of your website and organic search presence on Google.

With Google and Microsoft dominating search in North America it is imperative that you identify where you stand in their search rankings today. Simple – you have to know where are you before we can develop an action plan to start making improvements.

There are hundreds of factors that can affect your sites performance in search, our analysis will identify the key challenges affecting your specific sites presence in search and the steps you need to take to address them. From there we will develop an SEO strategy that will systematically address each of these challenges.

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