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There is a method to the madness that is necessary for your content to be relevant to your business and your customers. Blogging and regularly updated articles brings to light the importance of your business by allowing you to publish new and relevant content that keeps both search engines and new visitors coming back to your website.

How can you make your voice heard ?

The idea that makes blogging suitable for businesses isn’t anything new. It’s existed in the form of content marketing for years. The difference that makes blogging stand apart from regular content marketing services is that it tends to be better for businesses in connecting potential and current customers with a voice in the industry that is both current and a thought leader.

You can take advantage of RSS feed subscribers, news stories, newsletters and more just by publishing content that has a simple date attached to it. This gives your business the opportunity to be mentioned places where customers will come to you to because the content you publish regularly matters to them. This develops the most important asset for any digitally positioned business – brand loyalty, an important element that can and will help your business succeed.


Custom Landing Pages

When you have a specific focus, campaign or service that you want prospective and current customers to find, we develop a custom landing page to make it happen. Our team will build you custom landing pages that drive conversions with a focus on delivering the best ROI.


Category Service Pages

You offer a variety of products and services and want to accurately reflect that on your site. Our content team will develop a set of category service pages that talk to the benefits of what you have to offer. Our experience spans hundreds of pages spanning a variety of industries.


Content Outlets

Through our experience in the digital marketing industry we have established deep relationships with content outlets across the web. Our relationships cover industries spanning finance, media, education, technology, real estate, travel, hospitality, government, healthcare and more.


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The Other Advantages of Blogging

Blogging can be combined with content marketing services to create an extremely powerful voice, especially important for a promotional strategy. Not only will you be able to take advantage of things like RSS feed subscribers, but you’ll also be able to better connect with your customers and make search engines value your website more.

Think of blogging as a two-way street. You can talk to your audience as an expert, but you don’t need to use all the jargon and technical terms that might be too much for someone not entrenched in the industry itself. You can then have your customers, potential and actual, engage with you directly. They can do simple things like thank you for the information you provide them, or they can give you new ideas as to what they would like to hear about from you, thereby earning and cementing the trust of your userbase.

Couple this with the fact that you don’t have to focus on tooling every word to be optimized for search engines, and you come out with something that sounds better to human beings. This results in brand loyalty, increased search engine traffic, hits for search engine terms that you may not be targeting and more.

The benefits of blogging are too big for any business to ignore if you intend to remain both relevant and competitive. Blogging is the one type of content marketing that will edge out your competition, which in turn allows you to get your voice out to your potential customers and your base of current customers while help your business grow faster.


ContentMatrix is available exclusively through Alpha Taveris Digital to better connect with your customers and grow your business. 

By putting each writer through an intensive vetting process, we’ve built a matrix of the most qualified wordsmiths to pen your content. They combine knowledge of the digital space with diverse backgrounds across technology, retail, business services, education, healthcare and so much more to craft content that will drive traffic to your site.

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